Monday, 26 March 2007

3 Months

I don't know if I'll talk to him about it. Ayaw ko naman maging issue kasi he obviously doesn't feel bad about me sleeping with other people. That somehow makes me feel worse na he seems to have moved on and I haven't kasi I still get jealous. Siguro masyadong maaga pa para pag-usapan namin ang mga ganitong bagay. It's not as if I want us to get back together because I don't think it's going to happen. I just can't imagine him being with other people.

But then again, it's probably time. It's been three months.

It's only been three months! When is it okay anyway?

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Alcohol and Coffee

I dont when it started. I was probably 6 or 7 years old. I obsessed over G.I. Joe's and went to my neighbor Paulo's house to watch the G.I. Joe movie on beta. Remember that? Yung akala mo namatay na si Duke in the end of the movie. Tapos bigla na lang Scarlett said he went into a coma. I think that must have been the first time I learned the word coma. Basta, pagdating ng December, tinanong ako ng nanay ko what I wanted for Christmas from them, expecting I would ask for anything related to G.I. Joe. I asked, instead, for a blue truck. I think by that time they had already bought the tape. So my mom said, wag ka na mag-blue truck. G.I. Joe na lang daw. But I wanted a blue truck, so sabi niya sige yun na lang hingin ko kay Santa.

That Christmas, I got a G.I. Joe: The Movie betamax tape. No blue truck. It wasn't long after that before I figured out that there is no Santa.

Ganda ng introduction ko. Eto na ang segue. Recently, I had my haircut and was reading Men's Health (kasi yung ibang magazines were too far for my reach). Sabi doon coffee does not help you sober up. "But, but, but! That's the only reason I drink coffee." In all seriousness! I don't drink coffee. Tea siguro kung cold Asian milk tea. My friends and I go to all these naglipanang coffee shops but I don't order anything. Snapple kung pinipilit. Maarte ako eh!

When I got home, I did a bit of research, and true enough, hindi nga raw totoo. I'm not naman going to go as far as saying naalala ko yung loss of innocence as I stopped believing in Santa Claus when the myth that coffee helps sober you up was dispelled. Maganda at relevant lang naman siyang introduction na anecdote na rin mula sa aking pagkabata. I guess I just felt that I was too stupid to believe in things that you watch in movies or hear from friends. Sigh, one less Starbucks customer in the world. As if! Hindi rin naman ako mamimiss. Pero sige na, ano pa ang hindi totoo?